1. Jenny

    About to do P90X chair dips. Work those triceps!

  2. aja

    is this brooke hogan?

  3. JC

    Why is my hot water tank wearing heels and a bikini?

  4. skuddles

    Meh. She’s still a chunky monkey.

  5. Amy

    Damn that magical puppet fairy! She was alright when she turned Pinocchio into a real boy. But someone needs to stop her now that she’s turned Miss Piggy into a pop star. Don’t let her anywhere near Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal set!

  6. I’ve heard of “muffin top”, but “muffin face” is a new on for me.

  7. JosieBelle

    I never ever thought that I would recommend JLo’s fashion sense to anyone, but….Brit, get yourself a full body catsuit. You can pretend it’s still sexy, while wearing your Spanx.

  8. Beatnik

    Naw, she’s just a victim of a weird shirt and bad lighting…in that if she had only worn a weird shirt in bad lighting she might not look as bad as she does right now.

  9. Joe Blow

    Oh my…. that’s unfortunate.

  10. fx35

    lol Femme Fat-ale. Sponsored by McDonalds

  11. V

    they could not even get her to train? forget the weight, how is she going to take months of touring without being fit? this is just embarrassing. there’s no way in hell I’d pay a buck for this show. she’s not even trying anymore.

  12. Brooke

    Oh goodness…

  13. Marco

    Reminds me of an overstuffed kielbasa.

  14. tlmck

    From this angle it looks like a male stunt double.

  15. ahhemmmm

    I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Damn, making fun of Britney is so entertaining, I could do it all day, she’s such an easy target.

  16. kris31

    I swear I think she has a twin sister who’s normal.. Sometimes she looks so skinny and good and she seems coherent. Than there’s pictures like this..

  17. argleblargle

    If Fatney thinks sitting down is hard, wait till she tries standing up. Grunting is not sexy for women.

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