1. J.R.

    I’d tap that til she begs me to stop.

  2. Jenny


  3. Amy

    Ouch! She even has a muffin top when wearing sparkly granny underwear.

  4. KC

    Nuthin’ but Muffin.

  5. Kitty

    They could have at least made costumes that actually fit her frame. Just because you can squeeze into it doesn’t mean you should wear it.

  6. julietin

    This is just sad

  7. Big Ass Bunny Feet

    Great ass. Bad small outfit.

  8. Brooke

    I think I actually have the same body type as Britney Spears now. Which would have been great ten years ago.

  9. tlmck

    They should at least make it so the Depends don’t show through.

  10. ahhemmmm

    The next look she’ll be rockin’ is those new Huggies jeans diapers.

  11. prettypants

    When did backfat become the new black?
    Apparently it goes with everything now.

  12. Darth Raul

    Lets be honest,even in her “prime”she was never really that hot to begin with. You go to any mall in the Country and you will see about 100 chicks hotter than this broad,sipping on Orange Julius’………

  13. paul

    You’re all brainwashed into thinking skeletons are sexy. She looks more than fine.

  14. psyler

    brit is hot so dont hate and if you dont like it dont look

  15. Facebook Me

    NOT an ass I would send a thank you card too.

  16. Knox

    I’d motorboat that butt and then bang the hell out of it.

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