1. Jenny

    Sorry, but she needs to lose some pudge before she dresses like this in public.

    • kimmykimkim

      Don’t be sorry! You’re right! How could you try to make a comeback and come back like this? They definitely should’ve put her in a one piece leotard cuz her legs appear to be in decent shape but i havent made it through all the pics yet.

  2. blonde

    bumblebee tuna, bumblebee tuna.

  3. MisterSuccint

    “This is how I pushed out those little ‘uns. Whadda they names agin?”

  4. Shae

    Look at me daddy! I’msa Sumo Wrastler!

  5. This dude is the best cross-dressing Britney impersonator I’ve ever seen.

  6. Jack

    When did Chyna dye her hair?

  7. BigDaddy

    She looks great. Way better then looking at that fat ass Kim K or someone from J. Shore.

    • Jovy

      Im sorry…I really am, but Kim has a much nicer body than this. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand the Kardashians. But I tells it like it is.

  8. V

    It’s not even funny anymore. I feel like we’re looking at someone with absolutely no choice at all but to be there. She’s not into it at all. And why are they dressing her like that? Her body needs a ton of work. If she’s going to be a “performer” she needs to not be so sloppy anymore, but she can’t help it. Like Fish said, she’s medicated into submission.

    This could be abuse and I’m not even kidding.

  9. Nik


  10. tlmck

    And the first three rows just cleared out.

  11. ahhemmmm

    FAAAAART!!!…Or queef?

  12. Franklin vanden Penis

    Think what a cow she’s going to be in 10 years. She will be permanently parked in the McDonald’s drive-thru.

  13. Jovy

    And so the beast let forth a foul, monstrous fart from its nether regions.

  14. Jack Bush

    Britney Spears is untouchable She is the best of all time by far NOBODY even comes remotely close to her musical abilites. love you Britney Spears xxx

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