1. whooooah–NICE AAAACE brit!!! (shift-comma 3)

    would LOVE TO POUND it!!!!!!!!

  2. Athens

    Compared to that white Yeti in the photo Brit looks good.

  3. SKinny

    I would eat her asshole until the cows come home.

  4. Jen

    i think she looks pretty good. not awesome, but good. if i had a cock, id do it to her.

  5. Steelerchick

    Wow !~!!! What a great bod she’s got now.
    I was almost blinded by the fat white chick behind her.

  6. Expert on Everything

    jesus its so disgusting what fat looks like on the human body. its just never good. ick! Americans are so gross with their fast food fat rolls and cellulite, you don’t see that strange globular bag of fat hanging low in the front in other countries as bad as the USA.

    • J Lucy

      I agree! The US is so disgusting when it comes to that. What I would give to never see a fupa ever again for the rest of my life!!!!!

  7. lol

    wow best ass ever!

  8. Nero

    Are there currently any reports of a tsunami from that area?!

  9. joe

    I came.

  10. james

    i’d still fuck her.

  11. Darv

    That thing next to Britney – WTF?!?!


  12. Mike Nike

    Id rim her sweet asshole till Christmas, stop, open me present, then continue to eat it till the following Christmas……………….repeat 50X

  13. DKK

    Very sexy.

  14. noodle

    how does she fit all of that butt into those underwear?! fucking fantastic!

  15. Juliana

    I dind´t know that we have to be like Gisele to go to the beach! She´s looking great!

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