1. Average Woman

    She was just confused, she thought it was her vibrator’s “on” button

  2. still hit it

    ok let me get this straight……. this guy could have been getting to have sex with brit… and ride her wallet for a while. ( like the guy she is with now). and he walked away……..must be gay

  3. I’m surprised there’s not a picture where she is trying to lick out that Starbuck’s coffee stain on her pants. “Can’t waste that stuff y’all!”

  4. Soma

    Britney Spears still has fans?

  5. m.

    I would still smash that trailer-trash. There’s a good chance she is a great lay, crazier they are, the better they are in the bed. Of course it may be too wild for some…

  6. Nick Manning

    I wanted to see Brit nude…back in 2001. In 2011…not so much…

  7. She looks like she sleeps in the gutter in front of her mansion. Probably smells like it too.

    Cigarette stained hands, Starbucks stained pants, gas station restroom grunge on her bare feet; class act.

  8. Russell vanden Penis

    She still gives me a turgid dong. Anyone who would sue her for sexual harassment is either gay or a golddigger.

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