1. paul kirkwood

    How long will this one last I would be happy to spend 20 mins licking her juicy pussy .

  2. paul kirkwood

    She looks a bit like pornstar Tawney Roberts.

  3. baloo

    WHO is making her costumes these days? They’re each individually HORRIBLE!!!

  4. Sruti

    Crazy or not, she finished close to 98 performances on this Femme Fatale world tour with NO cancellations whatsoever. Word was that she logged the fifth highest-grossing tour in the world , bringing in $130 million in gross box office receipts. Tell me, how many sane artists come even close to that, eh? Very few! So, laugh at her antics if you will, her mismatched clothes, her unkept hair, and other non-conforming habits. But no one can fault her work ethic. She’s a professional through and through.

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