1. rantatonne

    I small part of me still believed that Britney just thought, “im hott, manufactured and getting paid so f-it. Diva time.” But she apparently was Mariah Carey level of insane from the begging by believing she sounds like Mariah.

  2. clucky

    This poor girl has never been photogenic. She just doesn’t move right with the cameras.

  3. TheAdmiral

    I see this and, purely on reflex, my ears start preemptively bleeding.

  4. blahahahah

    “her song”

  5. DanielleS

    Not 19 anymore….

  6. skip flipskin

    She literally looks 49 here.

  7. Phoenix

    Oh, the things I’d like to put on that tongue.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    “Britney! Why are you leaving ‘X Factor?’”
    “Burger King needs a new manager, y’all! I can’t wait to have a name tag! I forget it sometimes!”

  9. “New music? I thought they said new McRib!!!”

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