1. Me

    UGH!! Why is she always so dirty looking? With all her money she should have people scrub her with Ajax before leaving the house…so skeevy looking!

  2. Defining quintessential American beauty since 1992…ugh! The opposing pox marks on either side of her mouth, tooth-gnawed fingernails, horrible dark roots under a bad dye job, random, meaningless tattoos galore, heavily-applied mascara, and chubby gut scream I am Brittany, Queen of The White Trash Clan…hear me belch! What a fuckin’ ditch pig!

  3. You know…. Her voice sounds a lot like Miley Cyrus.

  4. Splat

    30 going on 55

  5. momo

    just like a scooter
    fun to ride but.,,,,

  6. Chupois

    It was all just a plan
    Nothing is fun and eye catching without conflicts
    Have a star walk out on ur show, BAM, HEADLINES EVERYWHERE

  7. Meh

    Wow, not aging well AT ALL.

  8. jaime

    I think she’s great — is not and never has been white trash. She’s a normal girl coping with an abnormal life, and you punks should lay off.

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