1. rantatonne

    I dare you to swindle people out of 15 million dollars and not have this same maniacal look on your face.

  2. Looks like Britney just spotted the crafts service table…EVERYBODY RUN!!!

  3. Adam

    Remember when she went crazy and shave her head? It’s really too bad she didn’t have a paper bag surgically attached to her face then too.

  4. Aryn

    Jesus Christ, maybe being a woman this is more noticeable to me, but her eyebrows always look atrocious. How is it that you can have MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and nobody you hire will pluck your goddamn eyebrows for you. Get your shit together Brit.

    • impatient cat

      give her a break dude – she’s had handlers doing every last thing for her for years now…they must’ve fired the old makeup artist…or somethin’…oh, and it’s rare, but eyebrows can go nuts when you get zapped during mind control sessions – the body’s natural defense against the ol’ juice helmet

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