1. (God, these new psychotropic drugs they have me on are …..grrrrr-REAT! Like Tony the Tiger. He was on “Who’s the Boss” and was a retired boxer, down on his luck from Philadelphia who drank at a bar with Danny Devito and starred in Twins…..what the fuck am I thinking about?……echo echo echo. Echo and the Bunnymen… ) -

    {Grabbed by arm} “Britney, Britney, smile for the camera!!!”

    (i love their music…Lips like sugarrrr,,,,,sugar kisses!!!)

    {flashing, yelling} “Britney, tell us about your marriage Britney!”

  2. jaime

    seriously? reading some of these comments…that ^^ was really stupid.

  3. mbcl

    surprised her teeth are white after all those doritos.

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