1. vgrly

    When Jennifer Love Hewitt can carry off a bandage dress better than you…..

    Britney is really declining fast.

  2. Urvag

    I would love to see Britney and Miley in a battle of the rednecks.

  3. Its Me

    I love this girl :-*

  4. She cleans up nice when she actually makes an effort.

  5. lily

    Will always have a soft spot for this trainwreck.

  6. GuestyLaRue

    You know what I will say about The Bertney these days…you have to at least give her props for not slicing up, injecting, or otherwise altering her body the way that say, Lindsay Lohan or Christina Aguilera have done. Her boobs are sagging, she has sun damaged skin, wrinkles under her eyes and around her mouth, and yeah a bit more weight than she used to carry – it’s just weird to see a celebrity look NORMAL because normally they go to horrible lengths to change all of those things and while they don’t look as old maybe, they still end up looking like freaks. So I say YAY for Bertney! Not gonna defend her clothing and hairstyle choices though, there is no good reason why her team lets her look trashy at events where she is basically just being paid to show up and look hot.

    • You do know that she got implants when she was a teenager, right? Basically, you’re applauding her for altering her body to become famous rather than for doing so later in life to hold on to her youthful looks. I don’t know that that’s in any way admirable on her part.

  7. There reaches a point where those elastic bandages look less “fashionable” and more “load bearing”. That point was 30 lbs ago.

  8. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She looks adorable!!!

  9. msw

    She looks very pretty. Her eyes are still very sad, though.

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