1. cc

    She’ll be pissed when she finds out it’s not The Bacon Theater.

  2. catapostrophe

    Disgusting! Her dress is dirty!

  3. Cock Dr

    When a garment is squeezing your lower body like a vise the body fluids have to go somewhere.

  4. rican

    *The sound of projectile vomit*

  5. BostonBruin

    Train wreck waiting to happen.

  6. tod

    come on everyone!!!! this is photoshop all the way

  7. CranAppleSnapple

    She brings her own potato salad.

  8. Photoshop Master

    I know she always looks like hell but this looks kinda fake.

  9. Hemi

    Leave Brittneys cellulite alone!!!

  10. As if

    Seriously? Worst photoshop ever! No doubt.

  11. salamandrina

    she is kinda balding, big forhead. But this cellulite is fake fotoshop, she still have nice legs

  12. maeby

    Wow that is totally fake. Just like the old one of Victoria Beckam. Britney may have huge thighs, but they’re toned and cellulite free. bitch.

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