1. shelby

    the top half – nice. bottom half – can never be unseen.

  2. Misana

    She’s human… would ya look at that!

  3. Yum, milk and cottage cheese!

  4. KungFu Panda

    I don’t care, given the chance, Id still fuck her. Bat shit crazy and all.

  5. Stewie Griffen

    Remember when the Southern white trash was hot? Yea, me neither!

  6. SupaDupa

    For some reason I read, “Britney Spears at the Bacon Theater” at first glance….

  7. Truth

    Whoever writes these can stop with the painfully awkward and unfunny titles for this celeb

  8. valen001

    Her milk shake is thick.

  9. dontlooknow

    I can’t believe that I’m writing something in support of Britney F-ing Spears, but honestly, at least she admits she has cellulite. She famously showed the side by sides of her photo-shopped and un-PS’d for the Candies campaign, and here she is again baring it all, so to speak. We know all the celebitches have it; they’re just too phony to own it. So thanks Brit Brit for being a real person. And a Ho (lookit how short that dress is!)

  10. The realist

    I think a lot of people front on here but I am going to be honest: I’d still hit it……

  11. floyd

    Thats not cellulite …those are muscle pillows.

  12. DKK

    She looks hot. Love Britney Spears.

  13. cami

    bad looking legs, but apart from that..she s beautiful

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