1. Lauraa

    best plastic surgery results i’ve ever seen.

  2. Ella Farts-Gerald

    Ugly twat before, bitchface after

  3. hollywood_hillbilly

    The cross earrings remind me of something Jesus said: If the work of the creator does not please you sufficiently, feel free to improve it lest thy vanity suffer.

  4. Brooke

    By her jaw being misaligned, does she mean “double chin”?

  5. phillyrae

    Charice might want to get the same procedure too.

  6. hey- bristol! you are a lying sack- you bought yourself a brandnew flippin’ face! who the hell do you think your kidding? i saw you running your lying trap on dr. drew claiming some bs about just moving this little bone on your jaw because of braces- LOL! you are a LIAR! what a ugly face you done erased” what is so outragious is you saying you did’nt get plastic surgery and complaining that ‘ its a shame people focus so much on looks” WHAT! you are a LIAR! anyone who buys a brand new face obviously is consumed with obsessing about their looks- did you think the public would forget that you really had an ugly wide face? recessed chin? thin thin lips? heavy old folds on cheeks and neck? you were hoping that everyone would’nt notice that you went to bed ugly and awoke with decent features- LIAR

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