1. Bob

    I liked her look before, like so many pretty young ladies, they change and they look good I guess, but not distinctive any more. Chin just a tad too large now.

  2. im going 2 hell anyways

    Ack, mine eyes! Look at that hideous smile, that jaw is all kinds of jakked up! Just a stellar catch by Trig Palin, DDS.

  3. JERKS

    hahah im going 2 hell anways, your probably an ugly fatass who has acne up the fucking ass and think that by insulting somone who is actually pretty natrually will make you feel so much better about the way you look, im quit sure your just some fatass who thinks this shit is funny and insults then goes and gets mcdonalds. god grow the fuck up you ugly piece of shit low life.oh and also maybe you should learn how to spell, that MIGHT make you look a bit smarter.

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