1. EricHarris


  2. cc

    Well, at least they didn’t snap her picture when she squatted down and took a whizz in those bushes. Come to think of it, who’d have the stomach for it?

  3. Kono Kalakaua

    “and this is where I do my business when I’m , you know , indisposed “

  4. ss109

    It’s like that infamous bigfoot sighting film clip were he’s walking away from the camera into the forest

  5. Mike Walker

    I get you now you wascally wabbit…

  6. Dick Righteous

    Holy Shit Batman !
    She’s YOUNGER than me !
    Evils of smoking and too much sun on the skin………damm

  7. hijkmno

    “i know i left my dignity around here somewhere…”

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