1. Abby Normal

    Stay classy.

  2. “I think that’s checkate Hasselfoff!”

  3. vgrly

    At lease she took the time to color cordinate her outfit.

  4. Buddy The Elf

    I wish this was instead video, so we could watch her slurp that lougee back up again.

  5. chris breezy boxing academy

    Someone’s had a mouthful of The Flavor of Love

  6. Perplexity

    Go figure. I always thought she was a “swallow” type of slut.

  7. Paulie McGonagle

    Some guys used to fight over her . Now , they fight to get away

  8. cate

    There isn’t enough vodka in the world to get that Flavor Flav out of her mouth.

  9. That was my reaction to seeing Jessica Simpson get out of that SUV.

  10. Dick Righteous

    Mein gott, it is old Flav spooge ! !

  11. showmeonthedollywherethebadmantouchedyou

    Public intoxication – vomiting in a park. What a sad and utterly vile life. This woman is mother to four kids. I feel pity for her. Sorry; I just do.

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