1. Daisy

    now that’s an ugly bitch.

  2. itsme.

    What is with the cowboy hats?

  3. Mary Kumstein


  4. koala

    does this walking piece of silicone always wear a cowboy hat?! guess it’s her “thing”. very unoriginal and dumb if you ask me.

    perfect for a dumb slut.

  5. Jew broad

    Take fits

  6. chuck

    Is this comments section limited exclusively to jealous women? That girl is sexy as hell

    • Elliott

      Heterosexual male here, and that bitch is ugly. The only thing she’s got going for her are her fake tits and fit body. I like a girl with a hot body, but not one I have to paper bag because her face makes me nauseous. That jaw line is fucking horrendous.

  7. Caleb

    Wow got to love how all these fat chicks who are calling her ugly. Just because you are jealous and hate any girl who is better looking then you (which i am guessing is most.) does not give you the right to be fucking bitches.

  8. chelsea

    meh, she’s got a nice body but i’m not a fan of fake tits. her face isn’t that great. and skin cancer does not flatter her figure, what’s with the melanoma spots all over her chest?

    btw, pointing out the obvious doesn’t make us jealous. the girl is not that hot, it’s just an opinion. i’d much rather look like i do now than look like her.

  9. Trudat

    LMAO at the dudes calling her ugly. Like you’d even have a chance at hitting that tail… Right, right… you wouldn’t want to tag that azz, ‘cos you can score finer poon on the regular… Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  10. Harley

    She is ugly, dude. And you’re right about me not being able to score with her. My cock doesn’t play in the NFL, so she wouldn’t give two shits about me. If she never got any of that attention for being that cowgirl, she’d be sucking dicks for $5 in order to pay for all her tanning bed sessions, her fake tit payment plan, and her Valtrex prescription.

  11. Marcus

    I’d fuck her (:

    • if brett did send a picture of his penis , she had to have given him the cell number , i can understand if he send it to a 12 yr.old then he should be in prison but this bitch is another gold digger, black widows, ready for $$$$$$$, and publicity, just like the other ones on big ben and the , journalist from mexico, crying rape, that is what they get when they go into the locker rooms full of naked players.

    • get a chicken dude lol !!!!!

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