1. Ohhhh….so she had nothing to do with it….just an innocent victim of receiving unwanted dirty voicemails from a superstar athlete….right…

    Enjoy your 15 minutes whore.

    Bret….you are a scumbag

  2. Why is this broad wearing a hat in every single picture? Is she trying to cover up her baldness/wig/weave???

  3. Tony Danza

    Those titties ain’t biodegradable either.

  4. Cardinal Fang

    I’m betting she flaunted her tight little ass all around the Jets’ players. When one of them hits the line she don’t like, she want she cries foul. Alpha males will be alpha males. It’s the way it is. Give Brett and Ben at least a fighting chance by not having hot reporters or other hotties around the players.

  5. Ray Sist

    Sterger. I think that is German for Jersey Ho.

  6. James

    You all sound like rapists

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