1. sam

    Bret Michaels is a man-whore of the highest level. Somehow I think after banging DAISY, for God’s sake, and a shit ton of other skanks, banging Tish isn’t going to faze anyone. And parents of Disney stars are supposed to break up, right?

    Not to mention that if I was with Billy Ray Cyrus, who seems like not such a bad guy but at the same time seems like a douche, I would probably do the nasty with Bret. He’s such a ho he’s probably not an awful f**k. And then I would douse myself in rubbing alcohol, eat antibiodics like they were candy, and run to the clinic for every STD test known to man.

  2. burton

    this guy used to hit ANYTHING at the strip club I worked at called showgirls in Alberta…he is gross, one stripper said he had genital warts but was taking meds…LOL.

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