1. shalimar

    look at all those ratty extensions mixing. ew

  2. j

    shes hot. i’d bang her too. miley can join too, i really dont care.

  3. a76

    is it just me that finds it terribly comica that there is a trailer in the background… i mean with so many of these “stars” without some big break that gave them an “in” over others just as talented….. some you just can’t take the traier outta….. Britney for instance…… Miley so far, cool, rest of family and Bret Michaels… yeah… I could see ‘em all hangin together in the trailer park with some mosquito repellant and canned ‘whatever’s on sale’ beer…. sure she’s hot – as long as the money keeps up the salon treatments for her skin, she gets outrageously expensive hair procedures and maintenance – and yeah, don’t take off tha make up!

  4. Jasmin

    Her eyes are SO close together…. it looks really weird.

  5. I'd rather fuck my pencil sharpener

    She looks like a bulimic oompa loompa.

  6. jennifer

    does anyone else realize the body language between bret and miley in their photo together. it screams mild tension 0_o

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