1. cc

    I’d be delighted to bang her, but that is one of the stupidest looking get ups ever.

  2. ohyeah

    I think I’ve never seen her with so much clothing on. And believe me, I’ve seen a looooooooooot of this b”tch.

  3. theoriginal LJ

    Looks like she invested some of that Charlie Sheen money in a new set of boobs.

  4. coydogger

    looks like she’s porking out.

  5. j/k

    Was NOT ready for the deluge of penis in mouth the google image search provided.

  6. Well this was exactly what I was looking for signing up to this website. Gonna go jerk.

  7. CranAppleSnapple

    Who’s in the scary black bodysuit in the background? Is it time to bring out the gimp?

  8. Ivy

    MISS PIGGY!!!!!

  9. damien

    a porn star in bikini? way

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