1. General Disarray

    Tits! If she always looked like this I’d do her. But any other time, no…because you can see her liver spots.

  2. I thought the pancake buffet was a little tacky.

  3. FussyHussy

    Of course she wears white to a wedding when she isn’t the bride.

  4. sarah

    the wedding was a black & white event… meaning only wear those colors…for whatever reason…

  5. Sue

    Her lips look completely ridiculous. And she looks so much older than her age. Partying does terrible things for the aging process.

  6. Cock Dr

    Awesome dress.
    She’ll always have fans with big boobs like that and….
    Good choice to keep the daylight in the rear. Prematurely aged hagface doesn’t show so much.

  7. Nick

    somebody call charlie brown – we found the great pumpkin

  8. Buttercup

    She’s been experimenting with fillers. Her cheeks are full and huge.

  9. jmort

    Wait. Did she seriously wear a wedding dress to Kim K’s wedding? And didn’t get kicked out? Wait. Why the hell was she invited to this wedding anyway!??! This story makes no sense.

  10. jaime

    she wore white to a wedding? i’m a guy and i know you don’t do that!

  11. joejoe

    she needs to go back to a red head but either way watchin here on tv and grown up at the same age i would enjoy getn with her

  12. macks rude

    beauty is not everything, but that (lindsay in that dress) is themost lovely thing ever.

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