1. telesputnik

    i’m pretty sure she gets paid to get drunk on events nowadays

  2. zomgbie

    poor driver realizes the only right thing to do is an oncoming train.

  3. jeep

    At every Lohan gathering, there is a white-haired driver in the foreground saying it all with his eyes…

  4. The Critical Crassness

    Just shows you how unobservant the Superficial crowd is…what Lindsay looks in the picture at the top is….fed up….as in completely had it with “Mommy Orangest”.
    Even in the pictures of her posing with her Mom, Lindsay looks like she would like to be anywhere but next to Dina…..these two are a class act…..unfortunately the class is “Trailer Trash Whore”…..

  5. Misery

    Leave it to Lindsay to wear friggin’ WHITE to a wedding! God, she’s such a famewhore.

  6. NYC I Banker

    It was BLACK or WHITE attire only FUCKTARD!

  7. tlmck

    Is that Oprah laughing in the back seat!

  8. hrm

    Since when did Dina and scary spice become so chummy?

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