1. it had to be said

    Well, I hope Kris at least took the opportunity to piss on her before it all ended. After all, why else would you *be* with Kim Kardashian? Oh right, $20 million during a lockout . . .

  2. Derek

    Garbage, the lot of them.

    Instead of protesting wall street, protest these utterly useless celebrities.

  3. bassackward

    Bwahahahahahaha……..Couldn’t have happened to a nicer fame-whore!
    Well, this is absolutely NO SURPRISE!, since this whole thing was, IMO, nothing more than a slick money making scheme, devised to defraud the public and get this useless whore back into the news IN A BIG WAY! For all those many gullible “news” outlets that are dumb enough to follow and publish this walking, talking, PONZI scheme… maybe NOW you will learn to ignore useless, talentless, trash like this! These vermin are a blight on society, and you’ve all paid millions to empower them… you stupid fools! Perhaps the idiots who televise their shows will wise up, and drop them… and I would just LOVE to see this Bimbo get sued for all she was paid (PLUS damages) to televise the sham wedding!

  4. laura

    The real reason: Kris saw her without the mask on.

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