1. Diane

    I have always been suspicious of Gary’s death. It is a well known fact in parts of Utah that Shannon was emotionally and physically abusive toward him. It was felt that he feared her from the beginning. The will that she presented to the court was written after they only had been married one week, which says a lot of her intentions. I believe she made him write that will, and threatened him in some way. Her 911 call, her bringing others in the hospital to take photo’s on his death bed so she could sell them, and her total lack of emotion for him and but concern for herself are all red flags. I hope that Utah law enforcement in Santaquin can put the religious controversy aside…(they were upset with Gary for alegedly pulling her away from her mormon beliefs) and can be truthful about presenting the facts that show she may have had something to do with his death.

  2. Maritza

    I truly beleve that this person Shannon Price had alot to do with Gary’s death. It is so obivous first she does’t want to but a towel on the wound to stop the bleeding, Second she made it look like she was still married to Gary in the hospital. Then she’s got the nerve to take pictures of Gary on his death bed and of course its for the money. Anyone who loves their husband or ex-husband would do anything to help them in any situation. I hope they found out what really happened to Gary and lock this Shannon up in jail where she belongs so she could stop spending Gary’s money and for Gary could rest in peace. oh they said that when Gary was in the hospital when shannon request that he be removed from life-support that his family was there. So why didn’t they say anything to the doctor that ms Price is not Gary’s wife but only his ex wife why was that mentioned to hospital offical? From now on there should be a law that states an individual should show proof that they are indeed married to nthe patinet to make any kind of medical decision. Also the hospital offical should of inquired what the patient wanted to do in such a case like gary’s weather to prolong his life or not. Please lets give Gary justice. . Shannon had enough freedom put her away where she belongs.

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