1. e-rock

    I am not sure I have ever seen him look so much like a douche! eeeek! what the hell is happening to them? they used to be uber hot, now its just kinda creepy

  2. reformed_druid

    He’s having a mid-life crisis, been having one. It’s just getting really sad now. Anyone else notice that the only time you see these two together is when she has something going on? She doesn’t go to any of his things, but it seems he is required to show up for all of hers. By the way, wasn’t she retiring to raise the kids or something like that?

  3. Please note: pants and boots are all 1 piece. A little less Jethro and a little more Steve Miller (ala space cowboy)….

  4. Seen here attempting to perform their trademark “Double Pitts to Chesty” move

  5. titties

    Shes so fucking hot

  6. Misana

    poor fabric choice… both of em

  7. help

    What the… they both just look like clowns.

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