1. Too bad Billy Ray blew all that Achy Breaky money on mullet highlights, otherwise he could have afforded braces for his daughter.

  2. Frank Burns

    After the failures of T-1000 and T-X, Skynet abandoned plans to assassinate John Connor, and instead sent the T-Hillbilly back through time to just annoy the bejesus out of him.

  3. josh


  4. SOB

    Stupid nose ring

  5. Snaggletooth – check. Nose ring – check. Streaky dye job – check. Yessir, she’s just hit the White Trash Trifecta. Niiiiice!

  6. Short FB!

    Years of inbreeding.

  7. kimmykimkim

    God, I feel so pretty when I look at this picture.

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