1. carpaltunnel

    to quote cleveland brown, that’s just nasty.

  2. Skippy86

    She looks like a freakin Muppet

  3. King Doosher

    I would have the carnal with that in every way, but OOF the chompers.

  4. BeckyStyle

    I can’t get past the “Steve Buscemi” eyes. So creepy!

  5. Nonya

    What is wrong with this boy?

  6. How anyone finds this puffy, chimp-eared trashbag attractive is beyond me.

  7. Nice, but you can’t motorboat in a kiddy pool.

  8. Ian

    Wow! a horse with tittties. That’s incredible.

  9. Go back to the long hair Miley. You need something to hide the weird shape of your face.

  10. Tina Boomerina

    I’m not in love with her hair, but Miley looks fine in that dress. Everyone went braless and wore things like that in the 60′s. What’s the big deal?

  11. Tina Boomerina

    Actually, after I’ve looked at all the photos, I’m starting to like her hair. Can’t you people think for yourself? You are so used to seeing one thing and seeing one way… and you can’t tolerate anything that’s different unless you are told to like it by some drug-hampered celebrity. Learn. To. Think. Learn. To. Change. Learn. To. Live.

  12. Lets see, the choice: ‘winners’ and ;losers’ – Loser: and this is arole model for kids to follow.

  13. Chip

    Okay, I don’t understand why everyone is hating on her.
    So her music taste and style is a bit explicit and can be controversial, but is she a bad person? No.
    Look at Justin Bieber, he is a bad person and has been a disruption to society, but Miley Cyrus on the other hand just has a creative style..she isn’t doing harm to anyone.

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