1. I know I should turn away, but those CANS!!
    Mother of god….they’ve only got a few more good years in ‘em before she’s kicking them don the street in front of her…

  2. SOB

    No attractive parts on this chick any more. Aside from being a train wreck, I do not see why she is so popular.

  3. Ana

    So… she’s playing present day Liz, right? That’s what her tits are portraying, anyway.

  4. hollyhood

    the only reason her tits are where they are is because they are resting on her gut.

  5. TheListener

    Her breasts are a nice size, but they sag way too much for someone so young. She needs to wear a bra!

  6. juck

    Love those titties!

  7. Oz Matters

    So there is something that can drop more than Facebook shares.

  8. Small breasted girl

    Natural big breasts sag a little. Even if you’re 18 or 25. If the only tits you’ve seen are porn stars ones in movies, then I can understand you’re confusion.

  9. brian

    Amazing tits. Shame they’re going to wither away from all the crack and booze.

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