1. The Electrician

    At first I thought she had her shirt half-off because she was trying something on, but now I see her shirt is made that way. I’m both baffled and horrified.

    • MissMo

      hahahaha, I made the same comment a few pix ago, about thinking she was trying something on.
      But what possessed her to leave the house like that? WHY? WHY? PLEASE! SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME I DON”T UNDERSTAND IT.

  2. joho777

    No waist and no muscle tone what-so-ever,

    But Lindsay is still sucking on her cigarettes, Her breath must be horrid.

  3. Cock Dr

    Here’s Lindsay Lohan, former acclaimed child actor, now washed up thief, drug addict and all round dirtbag.
    Fellow gingers, here is a cautionary look at what happens if you don’t take proper care of that fragile lily white skin.

  4. Those extensions HURT ME to look at.

  5. Maciz

    Dear God, she resembles Big Ang in this one…

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