1. The commercials are funny and all, but does Mayhem really merit his own wax figure?

  2. Is Billy Ray Cyrus!

  3. deeznutz


    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  4. SeanG

    How can they get so much of it right and then screw up one part so badly. “God, I’m so tired of doing these things. Screw it; hand me the Nosferatu nose mould and let’s go for tacos.”

  5. Vicky

    film?I always thghout that there is some sort of discrimination when it comes to action films as far as awarding is concerned. It’s always the drama movies that are given consideration. Very seldom on comedy ones, & none with action films.AJ is already known as a very good performer in acting. Her awards are mostly in her dramatic performances.She just happens to be so well known in action movies. Nevertheless, regardless of genre: drama, action or comedy, her brilliant acting ability is always noticeable.Her Salt performance is an example. It maybe an action film but she is still had some dramatic moments… and NOT just an actress acting out a scene…she makes us feel the scene. She makes us feel not staged but showcasing real emotions thus producing a very effective cinematic moment for the viewers…especially on scenes with less speaking lines and let her facial reactions do the talking.For this year, i have a favorite scene from her movie Salt (I’ve not seen the Tourist yet), a scene when her husband was killed. For this scene alone from Salt, I FIRMLY & STRONGLY believe AJ deserves an acting award for this.I really love the way she handled & acted this moment. It really struck in my mind up to now.How I wish she will get nominated for Salt. The film might have received mixed reactions from the public BUT AJ’s performance was generally praised by everyone.When I watched Salt the first time & during this particular scene, the viewers were very silent….waiting what kind of reaction she would have after right before her very eyes, her husband was killed. I mean, that’s very difficult to emote two conflicting emotions: shocked/grief VS. pretending to just be calm or act as if it’s ok with her.This really blew my mind away. She was soooooooo good. Her emotions was just flawless.This scene is every difficult as she’s hiding her true emotions in that moment from the Russians yet her eyes spoke volumes.I remember a review that said:“…..some of the plot twists and really close shaves are too improbable to be taken seriously, but they still rip at our guts, because lead star Jolie depicts them with stunning realism.Best of all, she invests her complex characterization with a vibrant and vivid psychological life, the emotional “truth” of which is both undeniable and unassailable.The scene that best illustrates this is when the husband she loves is shot in front of her shocked eyes, to “test” her feelings.” If she breaks down, the Russians will know that she loves him too much for her to remain loyal to their cause; if she remains focused on their all-important mission, she can still be trusted.Well, Jolie’s portrayal of Salt’s feelings is so psychologically adroit that she is able to convince the Russians that she’s on their side, while making it absolutely clear to viewers that she’s dying deep inside her..That’s like juggling 12 balls in the air while turning cartwheels and singing the French national anthem backwards—but Jolie is able to pull it off.”

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