1. Veronika Larsson

    Wow there is a strong physical resemblance between Brad and his Mom. It’s so clear in these photos.

    As far as the abortion issue: if a woman doesn’t have total control over her body, she’s not a person but property.

    Same-sex marriage: It’s a human rights issue. All consenting adults should have the right to marry the person they love.

    End of discussion.

  2. I thought Jesus said some stuff about divorce and adultery, but Jane Pitt’s apparently cool with her son’s ending his consecrated marriage to shack up with a twice-divorced woman, or at least cool enough that she’s okay posing for pictures with him and his adulterous whore.

    What’s that? Baptists are okay with divorce? Whatever. I guess that as an agnostic, I never understood how people claim the Bible as the Ultimate Truth, but then pick and choose which parts of the Bible they follow. Or how abortion (never explictly mentioned in the Bible) and homosexuality (never referred to by Jesus) became the touchstones of “Christian values,” while loving thy neighbor and assisting the poor and needy, which the Bible has Jesus going on and on about…eh, not so much.

    Also, that National Day of Prayer thing that Jane Pitt takes pains to single out: didn’t Jesus also say something about praying in private, and not “as the hypocrites are…that they may be seen of men”? Again, whatever.

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