1. it looks like Brad already nibbled all the meat off of it.

  2. “Look at me !!! Ain’t I just the cats’ ass!!!”

  3. Dali

    Lip my stocking! no, lip, lip… lip my stocking.

  4. blagooo

    what a ghetto pose LOL

  5. blagooo

    Angelina from the block

  6. I wonder if she practiced this move in front of a mirror. It’s hard to imagine doing so and thinking “yeah, chicken leg wrapped in velvet…that’s the Oscar look this year”.

  7. Isa

    Ugh, I can’t stand this OVERRATED bitch!

  8. Paige Turner

    Angorexic. We know one thing for certain – she doesn’t swallow

  9. iola

    I love her.

  10. Lizzie Grizzard

    “So, Emeril, I’ll let you bang her if you can get her to eat.”

  11. RealityBitch


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