1. blagooo

    brad is over it

  2. What leg she is a bag of bones rich bones but none the less BONES.

  3. Sliver

    Brad Pitt: “I don’t know who this crazy person is…someone please help me???

  4. Edna

    Why are some people are so mean,just because Brad so frank that he is not happy with his previous ex? Now find happiness and contentment with Ms. Jolie. He love this woman and have a real family away from unrealistic world of Hollywood. They are both in different category,one in TV’s and the other revolve in Movies. All three are successful in life. Beside if you call people names,you look better than Ms. Jolie, famous,rich,intelligent,and you have Brad eyes on you. If you knew them by tabs and gossip lies. Better get facts,before you criticize the life and personality of this two couple. They never get rich and famous high paid movie stars. If they are just passing A’ list Stars. Even she don’t work in film,she still the most publish photos,stories,works,life. More than the episode your watching in television. Your just over reacting! She just showing her leg! Can’t blame those photographer so obsess with Ms. Jolie leg, and whole body. Look like all have tag price, that make them rich. Who won’t dare with a tag price lower than thousand per shot to half million!!

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