1. Cock Dr

    IMO the hair pulled tightly back was a mistake.
    A long and loose hairstyle makes anorexia appear less scary.

    • God is Black

      Touche CD. But as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), shouldn’t they be healthier that the refugees they help?

  2. Jillia

    I think she looks great, even with the hair, in a sort of ice queen kind of way. I like the touches of red, the detail on the waist and the open leg. Just wish she’d smile.

  3. tlmck

    When did Kat Dennings get skinny and hook up with Brad Pitt?

  4. Jel

    that dress wasn’t designed for that waist *throws up*

  5. Austin "Danger" Powers

    She’s always been weird looking. Now she looks like a heroine addict on top of it.

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