1. Duck Butter

    Whats the song?

    • Jordie

      Why is everyone jumping on JBJ’s ass… at least he’s the only on in the band without his tongue down the naked chicks throat.

  2. Audrey Jo

    WOW,man, a hairspray orgy party!

  3. Pussy Galore

    This is awesome. That is all.

  4. I still wonder how my generation survived the 80′s without literally choking on hair.

  5. Phred

    Jon Bon Jovi. Catalyzes a conversation that brings back conflicts that are hundreds of years old. Funny. Can we move past old conflicts, and Bon Jovi? As a world we should. No offense to Jersey boy.

  6. Ambrozy

    whats up with the dudes leg crossing over JBJ leg in the first photo?

  7. Let’s not forget this quality piece of journalism from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog:

  8. Obvious

    if i was jbj, i would be more concerned getting photographed in those gay looking pants.

  9. ross

    I will buy that rotary phone in the corner.

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