1. cuddles

    Bitch tryin’ ta steal Queen B’s look. Sick Solange on her sorry ass. It’s like having a Kraken, only scarier.

    • if she was trying to “steal Beyonce’s look”, kim would shave her head bald and put a blonde wig on. The real reason you’re saying that is because black women in particular hold beyonce up as the most beautiful amongst them, which is laughable because she is half bleached, and you feel kim is prettier and it unsettles you. Oh, kim would also need to get thunder thighs, grow her nose 10 sizes, shrink her eyes and uh, be black. The only thing they have in common are fake tits and nose jobs and even those look way different. I don’t even like kk because she is a snore but what is this kim wants to be beyonce nonsense? They look nothing alike and I didn’t know beyonce had a monopoly on blonde wigs. Oh look, BeyoncĂ© is trying to be Paris Hilton. Wait a minute, that is kind of true, skin bleaching, liposuction, making her nose and lips smaller…hmm, curious how that works, isn’t it?

  2. Aimski

    Wow racist much?

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