1. Indian chick looks hot there. Isn’t she the girl from slumdog millionaires?

  2. Visible Ink

    Who’s the chick next to Michael Douglas? Looks so familiar.

  3. balddickness

    lol people please thats Rose Byrn & Freida Pinto but somehow that old hippie to the left looks familiar too..

  4. Deacon Jones

    That thing on the left looks like the blowup pilot from “Airplane”

  5. Jennifer Aniston is looking old (That is her on far left?)

  6. Seriously, Lively is by far the least interesting person on that picture.

    We can’t even see her boobs here, so what’s the point?

  7. Douglas is linign up the chicks post-CZJ! Byrne, Pinto and going for the gold with Lively, while old hippy chick puts it all on tape.

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