1. Anita Cocke

    Is he cold???

  2. indoorvoice

    I am beginning to understand why he has been wearing his cap so low, as this is clearly NOT Leo DiCaprio, but a brilliant move on the part of Carrot Top.

  3. surgerylass

    That is the funniest headline you have ever written !

    ‘Blake, listen to me very carefully: If I suddenly shove you into those bushes because the paparazzi see us, don’t take it personally. Although, you do snore.’ *shove*

    I can so see and hear DiCaprio saying this . Way funny :-)

  4. sc4play

    Kinda quick to be wearing a pregnant mu-mu dress, isn’t it????

  5. Chinbert

    Not by the hair of Blake’s chinny chiny chin.

    Her chin is friggen huge.

  6. chainsawbuzzkill

    The way he walks makes his legs look rubbery. Like tentacles. And his nips.

  7. The Lord Almighty

    He has some super fruity body language for a guy who is supposedly hitting every poon under 25 in Hollywood.

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