1. Lita

    That is the fakest ass I’ve seen since Paris Hilton because “famous.”

  2. It’s amazing how fake tits aren’t that big of a deal deal, but this new wave of ass implants is TOTALLY unacceptable. It’s awful. The ass was like the last stand for what was real on a body.

  3. flaT

    It doesn’t even look like an ass implant, it looks like she shoved two throw pillows down there and was done with it.

  4. another satisfied customer of Oneal Morris!

  5. colt13

    That’s not a Kardashian, that’s a Minaj.

  6. eh

    She has got to be making a mockumentary.

  7. NO. OK? Just NO. NOT.

  8. DAT ASS!!! has got to go back to the operating table..they fukd her up but good (no pun intended)

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