1. Meh

    I’d bust a nut in her!

  2. Blah

    Her bloated face. Her shapless legs. She is so ugly, I can’t even.

  3. Napoupi

    Drunken StepFather material !

  4. meh

    fuck her

  5. FAKE! This is totally ‘Shopped. There can’t possibly be photographic evidence that at least one member of the Cyrus family has ever bathed! If you look closely, you can see Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster reflected in the shower curtain.

  6. Kamrynne

    Really!!Were you thinking that when you are driving to the bank to cash the “Hanna” money and if you feel that way obviously you are feeling guilty for something and maybe should take a long hard look in the mirror…!!!!!!

  7. Meg

    We all knew that once Miley got her show and started to become popular, she would be the next Brittney Spears. The father can no blame the show because it is Disney and he should have realized what popularity can do to someone. Once they get the attention, they don’t want the attention to go away. Miley is a kid and we all make stupid mistakes when we are young, however she should be sit down and talked to by one of her parents even though she hates her father at the moment. All kids hate their parents when they try to take away their fun but its for their safety. Miley needs to learn to stop, its only making her reputation look bad. Sadly I used to love her, and now I lost all respect.

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