1. Two people famous for blowjobs in one photo…nice.

  2. Bill Clinton

    I know you don’t think you’re good enough for me but believe me, you are. Hell, I’ve done it with pigs, REAL honest-to-god PIGS.

  3. it'smeain't

    Yeah. That’s what I want from a president. To be “the most pimpinest”, or to be a “long legged mac daddy”. Not qualifications, not ideas.
    You idiots are using up my oxygen.

    • Not sure why you’re expecting articles from Harper’s or The Atlantic on here. It’s a celebrity tit site. Sorry us dummies forced you to come here.

      • We all know Slick Willie proved the truth of that wise old adage of Thomas Jefferson – “That President is best who governs least”. The only power Congress has is to tax & spend, the less they do the better off we all are. The President’s only real power is as commander in chief of the armed forces – so, you want more taxes, more spending, and more wars, or some do nothing dude harmlessly chasing tail?

  4. RocketMan

    This is one of the best written articles on this site, and Ive been on here for years!

    “Almost entirely because of that hat, these pics are like finding out Roger Sterling is not only real, but was our president for eight years who somehow left behind a surplus despite spending 90% of his term turning interns’ vaginas into humidors. Or am I thinking of Jesus?”


  5. From the series “Retired Gangster and Moll in Photo Booth.”

  6. right

    I’ll bet he tried to fuck her. Or at least get a Beej.

  7. Bill Clinton is a piece of shit and if you’re a fan you’re shit too.

  8. Always say cunt

    That’s a hell of a fivehead she is working on there.

  9. Allion

    He looks like a wax figure. He’s already dead and mummified.

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