1. wawa

    What part is Jared Leto trying out for in “Spring Breakers?”

    • chad

      If you want the answer to your movie casting questions good to a website that will give it all to you. The site is called

  2. King Diamond

    Sebastian Bach looks weird in this pic. His sausage arms are making his body look weird.

  3. ktulu

    That dudes got nice pecs

  4. Juan

    Right now there is a chick with fantastic big tits in Hollywood out of a job because of this.

    • Iionk


      so true. I’m surprised they put her in movies and worst of all they made her a blond which does not suit her

  5. hijkmno

    her arms are going to look like ham hocks if she doesn’t keep that weight off.

  6. is it real hair or a wig ?!?!?

  7. Lissa

    Benson is on a very high profile teen drama. I’ve heard of her and I haven’t even watched the show. On the other hand, I had no idea who Gomez was until she started dating Justin Bieber, and I’ve heard she’s been around acting and singing for years.

    • chad

      Ashley Benson was on a tv show called Pretty Little Liars. She was also a regular on Days of our Lives. You can go to to find out what else they have been in. Gomez on the other hand is a big enough name without Dweeber. Disney channel Wizards of Waverly Place is the biggest one.

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