1. This is how A-Roid stands when getting his injections.

  2. slugcity

    This is how I stand when I pee.

  3. DO NOT pull that string.

  4. What the fuck happened? She used to be relatively hot. Looks like Father Time decided he didn’t even want to fuck her…

  5. Inner Retard

    Fish, I know Photo Boy is no there. But you should know by now, pictures of 25 year old Cameron Diaz, Yes. 40 year old, No… No, No, No.

  6. mike

    Shes ugly and her body looks like shit.

  7. I’m not saying she’s pregnant, but I still feel like a baby is going to fall out.

  8. petey

    dammmmmn, this woman is not aging well. i never thought her face was too great anyway – that smile reminds me of The Joker every time. but at least her body used to be hot. not so much now.

    • ggr3

      lol these comments are ridiculous. the celebs are not reading so give up trying to diss them and hurt their feelings.

      obviously normal ppl know your full of shit cos WE CAN SEE the pictures TOO the only person who might be clouded by ur bull is the person you are dissing because theyd be sensitive to personal attacks but they are not reading

      her body is fit trim tight firm smooth.talking crap must means you are far from perfect and have no clue about reality maybe talking shit about someone with an OBVIOUSLY fit and healthy body makes you feel better about you imperfect body? seriously you’d have to be delusional to really believe thers anything wrong with that. even a 19yr old super model should hope she maintains a fit body like cameersons when she is 40 + too. i hope i can she looks fantastic nothing wrong with her body at all

      • I'mCool

        you must be new here.

      • Don Draper's Dad

        Cameron? Is that you?

      • Burt

        Dude, she looks old beyond her years. That’s what happens when you smoke, party regularly, and spend lots of time in the sun.

      • I agree she is fit and in better shape than 90% of people on this site, but fact is men dont like women who have lower body fat than them…i used to LOVE cameron’s body…circa something about mary/the mask. but she, like many aging hollywood women (madonna, gweneth paltrow, sjp) begin to overwork and overtrain their bodies out of fear of aging. ultimately they wind up looking masculine and worse than before.

  9. Inky Black

    CD, seen here trying to attract a mate by releasing pheromones on the wind.

  10. Don Draper's Dad

    This whole set made my penis sad.

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