1. Jean-Mi

    Who’s that guy?

  2. Donald Duck

    That’s the hottest woman on the planet /sarcasm

  3. Kir

    Just because you were given the sexiest woman in the world or whatever title doesn’t give you the right to all of a sudden bare it all and still be super-confident looking like an untamed lion. Just my opinion. Would she have gone out sans make-up/untamed hair and a big smile if she wasn’t given that title? Maybe she would have but not with a big smile. Most celebrities in their without make-up pics look either angry or like they just want to go hide somewhere.

  4. [img][/img]

  5. Caseum

    The most beautiful girl in planet Photoshop….


    what the hell? this can’t be for real!
    if this is real I’m a better looking woman than Beyonce myself…and I’m a man O_o

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