1. Peter

    big penis

  2. Blech

    Clearly she looks like any girl I went to high school with here.

    But to be honest, she looks better without make-up on than many female celebrities.

    • Yeahhhf7

      The girls I went to highschool with were way hotter than her and hardly wore any make up. I saw one the other day and she just keeps getting prettier and its even more natural now. Doesn’t even dye her hair.
      Its only because Beyonce is a celebrity and they are trying to hype her up as if she’s above the normal person walking around but it doesn’t mean its true. I see prettier girls everyday, prettier girls who don’t need anything to make themselves that. Beyonce and almost every other celebrity has many people working into making them into something subhuman and its all hype because in the end they’re just human and most celebrities are really insecure humans, that’s why they need to lie to themselves to receive attention.
      I mean, its all lie, all of them. The models, the actresses, even the dudes. Its all hype. They’re all average and some way below average but people just see them as something more because of the screen, magazines or songs.

  3. Herman Bumfudle

    hey, beautiful mama. you look so beautiful in love. uuumm! delicious.

  4. Elin's caddy

    Why am I seeing Tiger Woods with a really bad weave?


    Okay what the fuck I’m 100% positive this second picture was photoshoped, she has the exact same face neck and hair from the previous picture only tilted a bit to the side


    There you go my proof it’s photoshopped

    I’m not saying Beyonce doesn’t look horible (cuz she does GODAMN) but whoever sold you guys that picture, ripped you guys off

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