1. SIN

    Serbia,,,well it s cold there

  2. Lissa

    Did she get plastic surgery? She’s looking all jacked up lately…anyone see that pepsi commercial? Its either bad plastic surgery or she has aged like 10 years since having a baby.

  3. Andie

    This is so trashy I’m disappointed in her for this. I thought she had more respect for herself.

  4. Jane Dont

    Could of used some glitter on that man-face.

  5. Lee

    Looks like a Halloween costume, you know like fake a superhero chest. Trashy beyonce.

  6. Interred Ferguson

    Pretty surprised she opted for something like this…..other than the fact she WISHES she had nipples like those……

  7. gigi

    so gross…..even w/ out the lame outfit

  8. Some Black Dude

    Ew… She looks awful. I think black is cracking. Myth BUSTED…

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