1. Doctor Joystick

    Until I saw the caption, I thought I was looking at one of the talking trees from Wizard of Oz.

  2. MoJoTee

    Finally I get to see a Clitoris! Are they all this tiny?

    • MoJoTee

      I found a place where these “Clits” are down lower but the model leans back so that the photographer gets it down you see just as much of the delicacy (some are gigantic in comparison!) clearly given up here:

  3. Grand Dragon

    Her stomach looks like the leaf the asian guy draws in my cappuccino

  4. guest

    I think I just lost my lunch.

  5. kdd

    Screw all of you. You guys are assholes. She looks amazing for having a child. You all should be ashamed. Your mothers carried you for 9, almost 10 months, with all the shit that comes along with being pregnant, all the crap your body goes through and everything that changes, and you’re here being dicks talking about how gross she looks? Your mothers would be ashamed you pieces of shit.

    • Sliver

      If she were an average, everyday, woman, I don’t think they’d have much to say. But let’s face it, this broad can afford to fix her gut and doesn’t. I am a girl who has had a child and I think she can afford to fix that shit. Sheesh.

      • kdd

        Excuse you? You think the answer is surgery? I think it’s great she’s down to earth and it’s great if she doesn’t want to waste her money on getting her stomach “fixed”. Furthermore she is trying to get pregnant again and just had a miscarriage, if she chooses to get it “fixed” I assure you it will be after shes done. She looks better than most people who haven’t even had kids. I’m over all of you. You’re all disgusting.

  6. hijkmno

    that’s why God (?) made one-pieces. sheesh.

  7. MoJoTee

    I’d hit it.

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