1. Chrissy

    That is beautiful.

  2. jammer

    Ray J was here!

  3. jerseydude

    Man and Ray J hit that damn, I need to get a time share in that ass at least once a month Im not greedy I promise Im not.lol DEEEZAM

  4. Josey

    Too Wide! Both their pelvic and hip bones are too wide apart, spreading making the butt flattter. Great booties just pop! Bam!

  5. Rey

    All those that say Kim doesn’t have talent, didn’t see her polish Ray J. Right up there with Karinne. Not as good as Superhead, but a definitely second.

  6. Dingo


  7. gg

    I don’t get it.. Victoria Secerts hotties bodies , Kim hottest body. What is it curvy , or thin sticks.. All I know is that you need the fake tatas ..

  8. Lon Woods

    ..Would LOVE a LIFE SIZE Poster of this photo…….AWESOME…..

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